October 10, 2005

Live Cyberbroadcast of Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra's 240th Anniversary Gala Concert

Andrew Litton, Music Director of the Bergen Philharmonic, leads the orchestra in a gala concert celebrating the orchestra's 240th anniversary, cyberbroadcast live today, Thursday October 13, 2005, at 1:25 pm (ET) on NRK P2.

The program features Cho-Liang Lin in the Brahms Violin Concerto and music of Sæverud and Stravinsky.

To tune in, click on NRK Nettradio.

Select NRK P2 from the pulldown menu window at the top right, and click OK

Select the best bandwidth from the "Bandbredde" buttons +, ++, +++)

"+" for slow dial-up connection; "+++" for broadband high speed.

The Bergen Philharmonic, one of the world's first symphony orchestras, has been in coneinuous operation longer than the United States has been a country. Litton is the first American to head the orchestra, with illustrious predecessors including Edvard Grieg, a native of Bergen.

An important port from the days of the Hanseatic League, Bergen remains one of Norway's leading and most beautiful cities, situated in a mountain-circled bay, serving as a base, both for tourist fjord cruises and Norway's booming off-shore oil industry.